Practicality and esthetics in a partial denture

Cu-Sil® is a practical alternative to overdentures, transitional dentures, conventional dentures, and full dentures. It can be used for roofless uppers and free end partials where tooth contour is insufficient to cast clasps. It improves the prognosis of loose, mobile isolated elongated or periodontally involved

Cu-Sil® is the simplest, gentlest removable partial available. It is an acrylic tissue-bearing appliance featuring a soft elastomeric gasket which clasps the neck of each natural tooth, sealing out food and fluids, and cushioning and splinting each natural tooth from the hard denture base.abotments.


  • Improves tooth stability.  Eliminates wear, stress and torque of metal clasps. Postpones or eliminates total loss of periodontally involved teeth.
  • Minimizes adjustments and chairtime. No special “preps” or impression techniques are required. Allows lost cost add-ons, repairs and relines.
  • Improves Appearance. Patients like Cu-Sil® because it is hardly noticeable; yielding better fit, improved bite and comfort


  • Few solo teeth remaining
  • Unwanted roof exposure
  • Metal allergies
  • Transitional implement to full dentures
  • Obviate extractions



  • Numerous solo teeth
  • Profuse muscle attachments or shallow plate
  • Not suitable for use with porcelain teeth