There are many options for the replacement of missing teeth. These include dental implants, fixed bridges, removable partial
dentures, and full dentures. Many patients choose removable partial dentures due to factors ranging
from cost to physiology. Removable partial dentures became very popular many decades ago when chrome cobalt alloys and acrylic polymers first became available to the dental industry.

Valplast® is available in five natural tissue shades as well as an additional unpigmented option for special applications. The unique physical properties of Valplast® also make it more adaptable in challenging cases and situations involving pediatric cases, cancerous mouths and cleft palates. Because of its excellent biocompatibility, Valplast® is also an ideal replacement for acrylic when patients are allergic to denture acrylics. Additional applications for Valplast® include cosmetic gum veneers, bruxism appliances, implant retained overdentures and full dentures for patients with protuberant bony structures or large undercuts.


  • Simple and flexible insertion
  • Prone to Acrylic Allergie
  • Past experience with partial frame breakage
  • Need for Cosmetic Design Versatility
  •  Alternative option to implants or other fixed products


  • Rigid appliance required due to weak soft tissue support or too little remaining teeth
  • Poor quality of teeth unable to support Valplast
  • Minimal vertical clearance, less than 3mm
  • Flat ridge